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Integrated Logistics Solutions That Are Guaranteed To Streamline Your Warehousing And Transportation Process And Reduce Expenses. Experience the Whale Logistics Distinction with our guarantee on cost effectiveness, guaranteed space, backed by our award-winning service.

End-to-end Warehouse Solution

With warehouses in Sydney and Melbourne in strategic locations with easy access to the major road arteries complemented with state of the security systems and monitoring, real-time visibility technology, and effective inventory management solutions, our warehousing and distribution service will deliver you certainty.

We guarantee our warehousing and distribution solution will optimize and reduce cost for your business on every aspect.

Transform your supply chain flexibility, and make it easier to respond to fluctuating demand, so you can maximize your profitability.

Reliable Distribution Service

Certainty is non-negotiable. We guarantee your orders will be fulfilled and dispatched exceeding your expectations.

Our distribution and fulfilment team will ensure your customers are getting the best delivery experience, including branded packaging and returns handling. With a dedicated team for your business, you can expect to be rewarded.

Transform your Warehousing and Distribution TODAY

Discover How To Increase Efficiency And Get Maximum Value Out Of Your Logistics Operation (Valued at $1435) Without Asking For A Cent

Here’s Just a Mere Fraction of What You’ll Discover In Your Consultation…

  • International Trade

    Learn to navigate the many pitfalls, hidden dangers, and complexities in international trade and maximize your profitability.

  • Supply Chain Management

    Foresight matters; explore our tested and proven methods to managing your domestic and international freight and drive industry-leading efficiency

  • Sales and Cash Flow

    Increase sales and strengthen your cash flows by improving the route to market and effective inventory planning.

  • Improve Profitability

    Respect earned through results; maximize your profitability.

Transform your Warehousing and Distribution TODAY

Discover How To Increase Efficiency And Get Maximum Value Out Of Your Logistics Operation (Valued at $1435) Without Asking For A Cent

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It doesn’t matter if you’re just starting out or you’re an import-export giant – you can always benefit from this information which we’ve gleaned from working deep in the trenches on the international freight frontline.

First-class warehouse management technology

Excellence is everything. Our secure warehouses employ the latest technology, to ensure you have visibility of your inventory anytime and anywhere.

We invest in the best technology and practices, so with our warehouse and distribution, you can expect to be rewarded with reduced costs and efficient service.

Backed By Our Award Winning Service

Our currency is certainty; our warehousing and distribution service delivers respect earned through results.

Ranked in the top 5 Freight Forwarding and Logistics Company in Asia Pacific, our qualified people will guarantee you professional and creative warehousing & distribution solutions, open communication and superior personalized service.

Our family-oriented culture is at the core of our client partnerships; we are here to grow with you and help you maximize your profit, because you can bank on our people.

Transform your Warehousing and Distribution TODAY

Discover How To Increase Efficiency And Get Maximum Value Out Of Your Logistics Operation (Valued at $1435) Without Asking For A Cent

Our Large Range Of Warehousing Solutions

Pallet Rack Storage

This is your most cost-effective storage solution for palleted items which can be stored at ambient temperature and don’t have any special requirements.

Secure Lock-Up Storage

You can have complete peace of mind because we offer secure storage options in our warehouses for high-value goods which must be locked away.

Hazardous Goods Storage

When your business deals with hazardous goods and materials we have facilities which give you a safe and cost effective warehouse solution.

The Whale Logistics Storage & Distribuation Guarantee



Our currency is certainty; we guarantee our warehouse and distribution solutions are the most cost effective solution for your business.



Our first-class technology ensures your warehouse and distribution process is optimized at all times, because certainty is non-negotiable.



Awarded for Excellence in Business, we guarantee our warehouse and distribution service delivers the best personalized service in the market, because certainty is a superior solution.

Transform your Warehousing and Distribution TODAY

Discover How To Increase Efficiency And Get Maximum Value Out Of Your Logistics Operation (Valued at $1435) Without Asking For A Cent

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What Will You Get From Your FREE, No-Obligation Supply Chain/Logistics 'Health Check' & 3-Year Strategy Plan (Worth $1435)?

Not sure you’re getting the best value out of your logistics operation? Claim your FREE Supply Chain/Logistics ‘Health Check’ & 3-Year Strategy Plan where…

  • Discover
    We sit down with you to learn about you and your business.
  • Design
    We discuss how you can find cost saving efficiencies.
  • Deliver
    You leave the meeting with confidence on how to improve your profitability through efficient supply chain management.

These free consultations are strictly limited to the first 8 bookings each month so make sure you avoid disappointment and reserve yours today.
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Warehousing & Distribution in Sydney

You wouldn’t be in business if you didn’t like a challenge. There’s always something new to figure out, some new horizon to meet. However, you can’t do everything on your own. That’s when a business runs into trouble. Part of creating success relies on your ability to form partnerships with reliable companies who can help streamline your processes.

Reducing waste of every variety is the heart of running a smooth operation. You have absolutely no room for waste in your warehousing and distribution. Sydney shipping and warehousing facilities often face even more risk of unnecessary waste because their trade regulations are notoriously difficult.

You need a Company That Knows Australian Trade Regulations

Distribution is about more than moving cargo between warehouses. It also relies on your ability to move parts, inventory, supplies and other goods through international ports. You may need merchandise direct from the wholesaler, or perhaps your manufacturing relies on materials from another country. No matter what, you’ll need a solid understanding of trade regulations to prevent bottlenecks from forming in your distribution chain.

Every one of our clients is assigned a single point of contact with a customs success manager in our company. This person is in charge of making sure every part of your process happens as planned. In the event that something goes wrong, they’ll notify you immediately and begin working to set everything right again.

Our Company Has Forged Strong Professional Partnerships

We’ve been in the business for more than a decade, and we’ve put together some impressive partnerships in that time. Not only are we accredited with the Australian Department of Water and Agricultural resources, we’ve partnered with Auspost to bring you our Whale Parcel Service.

Because of our long-standing professional relationship with the agencies that oversee customs regulations, we know exactly how to keep international shipments from getting delayed in the customs process. Once everything is cleared and moved through to your warehouse; we can deliver directly to consumers in Australia through our parcel service. That’s the kind of advantage that building strong professional partnerships can create.

When You Work With Us, You Work With Our Network

Whale Logistics is a service-based company. That means we don’t provide our own warehouses, trucks, planes or even a delivery staff. Instead, we work with a very talented team who brings together different elements of our large professional network to satisfy your specific shipping needs. We work with warehouses, freight companies and agencies from around the world and all throughout Australia.

You get to take advantage of that when you work with us. Sure, you could manage your own warehouses and freight carriers, but that makes you directly responsible for the costs of maintaining a warehouse and supporting new staff. You can save a lot of time and money by working with a 3pl such Whale Logistics for all your warehousing & distribution.

Ride the Whale Straight to Higher Profits

In business, whatever can be automated should be automated. If you can’t use technology or machinery, then outsourcing is a reliable alternative. That’s because it allows you to leverage another company’s expertise and professional network to gain a competitive edge.

Whale Logistics is a dedicated and driven company. We believe in creating the best for your business by demanding the best in ours. Through our partnerships and from our employees: we do everything possible to stay at the top of the shipping logistics industry. There’s no need to hire a warehousing and shipping staff when you can simply hitch a ride with us and head straight to the top of your game.

Contact us today and let’s get started. We provide Warehousing and Logistics services including E-Commerce Fulfilment.
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