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Automate Your Supply Chain And Skyrocket Your Profitability With Our Suite Of Digital Sea Freight Management Tools. Experience the Whale Logistics Distinction with our sea freight guarantee on competitive rate solutions, guaranteed container space and equipment, backed by our award-winning service.

Guaranteed Sea Freight Rates

Excellence is everything. With over 30 years in sea freight forwarding, we know that certainty is non-negotiable. We guarantee our sea freight forwarding solution is the best solution for your business.

Our sea freight forwarding service will deliver your cargo on time, and under budget, so you can concentrate on maximizing your sales and profitability.

Australia’s 1st Digital
Freight Forwarder

Our currency is certainty. If certainty is important to you, then you’re exactly in the right place. We will get your cargo to the right place, at the right time, at the right price.

Leading logistics through technology, our suite of applications help companies to trade smarter and more efficiently, freeing business to concentrate on the key decisions that matter most. With our industry leading technology, you’ll know without a doubt what’s happening with your sea cargo, 24/7, in real-time.

Expect to be rewarded with the best in-class service and innovative solutions. Our exceptional team delivers results; so you can bank on our people.

Transform your Sea Freight operations TODAY

Discover How To Increase Efficiency And Get Maximum Value Out Of Your Logistics Operation (Valued at $1435) Without Asking For A Cent

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  • Supply Chain Management

    Foresight matters; explore our tested and proven methods to managing your domestic and international freight and drive industry-leading efficiency

  • Sales and Cash Flow

    Increase sales and strengthen your cash flows by improving the route to market and effective inventory planning.

  • Improve Profitability

    Respect earned through results; maximize your profitability.

Transform your Sea Freight operations TODAY

Discover How To Increase Efficiency And Get Maximum Value Out Of Your Logistics Operation (Valued at $1435) Without Asking For A Cent

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Guaranteed Container Space and Equipment

Migrate to our pod; with 16 offices in 20 of the largest sea ports in the world, our reach ensures you can expect to be rewarded, because we guarantee container space and equipment.

Our guaranteed container space and equipment means you can plan and forecast your supply chain with consistent reliability.

With over 150 offices worldwide, our deep relationship with shipping lines means that we pass on the guaranteed benefits to your business.

Backed By Our Award Winning Service

Our currency is certainty; our sea freight forwarding service delivers respect earned through results.

Ranked in the top 5 Sea Freight Forwarding and Logistics Company in Asia Pacific, our qualified people will guarantee you professional and creative sea freight solutions, open communication and superior personalized service.

Our family-oriented culture is at the core of our client partnerships; we are here to grow with you and help you maximize your profit, because you can bank on our people.

Transform your Sea Freight operations TODAY

Discover How To Increase Efficiency And Get Maximum Value Out Of Your Logistics Operation (Valued at $1435) Without Asking For A Cent

FCL vs. LCL – Which Sea Freight Option Is Best For You?

Full Container Load (FCL)

Ocean freight is responsible for moving 90% of the world’s trade. Whale Logistics has offices in 16 out of the 20 largest sea ports in the world, our full container load (FCL) solution guarantees you competitive rates, container space, equipment, and real-time visibility.

Less than Container Load (LCL)

Over 15% of our clients are shipping via less than container load (LCL). Our LCL solution offers competitive rates with guaranteed space and equipment coupled by excellent customer service. We guarantee our LCL solution will deliver your cargo within budget, on time, every time.

Transform your sea freight operations today

Discover How To Increase Efficiency And Get Maximum Value Out Of
Your Logistics Operation (Valued at $1435) Without Asking For A Cent

The Whale Logistics Sea Freight Guarantee



Our currency is certainty; we guarantee our sea freight forwarding solutions are the most cost effective solution for your business.


Space & Equipment

Our sea freight forwarding solution guarantees container space and equipment, because certainty is non-negotiable.



Awarded for Excellence in Business, we guarantee our sea freight forwarding service delivers the best personalized service in the market, because certainty is a superior solution.

Transform your Sea Freight operations TODAY

Discover How To Increase Efficiency And Get Maximum Value Out Of Your Logistics Operation (Valued at $1435) Without Asking For A Cent

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Sea Freight Companies & Brokers

Shipping goods by sea is normally the most economical way to import to or export from Australia. Even though it is normally inexpensive, there are many things that can go wrong in the process, and when they happen it suddenly becomes quite expensive.

You can avoid encountering these problems by choosing Wale Logistics as your ocean freight forwarder. With our help, your importing and exporting will be stress-free.

An ocean freight forwarder saves you from a lot of headaches

The first thing you’ll learn when you want to import or export anything is that there’s a lot of paperwork involved. In Australia it’s even worse than in most countries, and you’ll have to fill in no less than six forms when you import something or seven when you export something.

After that, you’ll find yourself in a nightmarish maze of jargon. To give you an idea of just how complex the jargon situation is, the list that describes some of the important shipping codes is actually named with a jargon name itself, that being “incoterms” (International Commercial Terms).

Fortunately there aren’t too many of the incoterms codes to learn, but if you mix them up or choose the wrong one, it can make problems for you. How a sea freight forwarder like Whale Logistics can help is by taking that pressure off you.

Imagine if you were dealing with an import situation entirely on your own without any help, and you accepted a contract from a supplier where they indicate EXW in the as the condition of shipping. You may not have realized that this means you have to do absolutely everything, including loading the goods into a container at the supplier’s factory and transporting them to the dock yourself.

On the other hand, if you are exporting and you agree to supply products to a buyer who has requested DDP terms, it means you will be responsible for everything from when the goods leave your factory to when they arrive at the buyer’s door.

EXW strongly favours the exporter, while DDP strongly favours the importer. Most contracts are somewhere between these two extremes, and there are many levels. The most common are FOB and CIF. As an importer, the minimum you should accept is CIF, which at least covers all of the costs and formalities up to the point of the goods being unloaded at the port.

This, by the way, is just the start. You’ll also need to know the HS code and correct corresponding description for the goods. Get that wrong and you may end up paying duty on duty exempt goods, paying the wrong amount of duty, or even having your goods impounded.

These (and a whole lot more) traps await those who are not properly prepared. Trusted sea freight brokers such as Whale Logistics save you from every one of these traps.

How Whale Logistics is better than typical ocean freight companies

For such an important task, you can’t afford to trust just anyone to handle it for you. Oddly enough, there aren’t any laws regulating ocean freight companies. There is no industry more exemplary of the “Buyer Beware” principle than the business carried out by ocean freight brokers.

You can trust Whale Logistics, just as many thousands of Australian business owners already do. We have experience in handling shipments worldwide, and we are fully up to date on the requirements for each country.

Whether you are an importer or an exporter, we will make sure your shipment arrives where it is supposed to arrive. The peace of mind we provide for our clients is what helps us stand out among sea freight companies in Australia.

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