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Experience The Whale Logistics Distinction With Our Air Freight Guarantee On Competitive Rate Solutions, Guaranteed Airline Space And Equipment, Backed By Our Award-Winning Service. Automate your supply chain and skyrocket your profitability with our suite of digital air freight management tools.

Guaranteed Air Freight Rates

Excellence is everything. With over 30 years in air freight forwarding, we know that certainty is non-negotiable. We guarantee our air freight forwarding solution is the best solution for your business.

Our air freight forwarding service will deliver your critical cargo on time, and under budget, so you can concentrate on maximizing your sales and profitability.

Transform your Air Freight operations TODAY

Discover How To Increase Efficiency And Get Maximum Value Out Of Your Logistics Operation (Valued at $1435) Without Asking For A Cent

Australia’s 1st Digital Freight Forwarder

Our currency is certainty. If certainty is important to you, then you’re exactly in the right place. We will get your cargo to the right place, at the right time, at the right price.

Leading logistics through technology, our suite of applications help companies to trade smarter and more efficiently, freeing business to concentrate on the key decisions that matter most. With our industry leading technology, you’ll know without a doubt what’s happening with your air cargo, 24/7, in real-time.

Expect to be rewarded with the best in-class service and innovative solutions. Our exceptional team deliver results; bank on our people.

Transform your Air Freight operations TODAY

Discover How To Increase Efficiency And Get Maximum Value Out Of Your Logistics Operation (Valued at $1435) Without Asking For A Cent

Discover the secrets to successful logistics management and the key to excellence

  • International Trade

    Learn to navigate the many pitfalls, hidden dangers, and complexities in international trade and maximize your profitability.

  • Supply Chain Management

    Foresight matters; explore our tested and proven methods to managing your domestic and international freight and drive industry-leading efficiency

  • Sales and Cash Flow

    Increase sales and strengthen your cash flows by improving the route to market and effective inventory planning.

  • Improve Profitability

    Respect earned through results; maximize your profitability.

Transform your Air Freight operations TODAY

Discover How To Increase Efficiency And Get Maximum Value Out Of Your Logistics Operation (Valued at $1435) Without Asking For A Cent

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Guaranteed Airline Space

Migrate to our pod; with 6 offices in 10 of the largest airports in the world, our reach ensures you can expect to be rewarded, because we guarantee your cargo will move as planned.

Our guaranteed airline space and contracts means you can plan and forecast your supply chain with consistent reliability. With over 200 offices worldwide, our deep relationship with airlines means that we pass on the guaranteed benefits to
your business.

Backed By Our Award Winning Service

Our currency is certainty; our air freight forwarding service delivers respect earned through results.

Ranked in the top 5 Air Freight Forwarding and Logistics Company in Asia Pacific, our qualified team will guarantee you professional and creative air freight solutions, open communication and superior personalized service.

Our family-oriented culture is at the core of our client partnerships; we are here to grow with you and help you maximize your profit, because you can bank on our people.

Transform your Air Freight operations TODAY

Discover How To Increase Efficiency And Get Maximum Value Out Of Your Logistics Operation (Valued at $1435) Without Asking For A Cent

Why Choose Our Air Freight Forwarding Service?

High Value & Fragile Cargo

If you are shipping high value and fragile cargo, air freight is the best solution for you. Increased security, well-regulated processes ensure your cargo arrives on time at your destination.

Time Sensitive & Perishable Goods

Our air freight clients rely on our superior service for their time sensitive and perishable goods, because certainty is non-negotiable for your type of cargo and business.

The Whale Logistics Guarantee

Migrate to our pod, to experience the Whale Logistics distinction today. Certainty is non-negotiable.



Our currency is certainty; we guarantee our air freight forwarding solutions are the most cost effective solution for your business.


Airline Space

Our air freight forwarding solution guarantees airline space and equipment, because certainty is non-negotiable.



Awarded for Excellence in Business,
we guarantee our airfreight forwarding service delivers the best personalized service in the market, because certainty is a superior solution.

Transform your Air Freight operations TODAY

Discover How To Increase Efficiency And Get Maximum Value Out Of Your Logistics Operation (Valued at $1435) Without Asking For A Cent

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Air Freight Brokers, Companies & Forwarders

Choosing to import or export goods by air means that the most important factor is that whatever is being shipped needs to arrive as quickly as possible. For that extra value, people are willing to pay significantly more than the cost of sending consignments by sea or land transport.Given that you are paying extra for your goods to arrive more quickly, the last thing you want to see happen is your good being delayed due to problems with your paperwork or other avoidable mistakes. Those mistakes are easy to make if you are not highly experienced in international shipments.

This is why working with specialist air freight forwarders like Whale Logistics makes perfect sense. Whale Logistics is one of Australia’s most successful air freight companies. Our staff are expert air freight brokers with high level skills learned from many years of experience.

Why you need air freight forwarders

Without help from an air freight services company, you will be handling the entire import or export process all on your own. That is far more daunting that you can possibly imagine if you don’t already have a strong background in international trade.

We facilitate the movement of goods between different countries. Our service helps prevent problems and improve efficiency. We can sometimes even save you money. That’s because with our connections, we can negotiate the best rates and assure that you’re not paying too much for your shipping.

One of the key factors that applies to air freight more than other freight movement methods is route optimization. We leverage our knowledge to get you the best deal on price and delivery time. We can also handle your consignment insurance needs, so you truly have nothing to worry about.

It is this degree of service that has allowed our company to be recognized as one of the most highly trusted air freight services in Australia.

Staffed by expert air freight brokers

At Whale Logistics we are serious about providing the best air freight services to clients. We ensure we can provide superior service by hiring only expert air freight brokers.

This makes an immense difference to how much we are able to help our clients, and the proof of concept is reflected quite simply by the sheer volume of transactions we process.

When you choose us to be your air freight forwarders, we won’t let you down.

We handle more than typical air freight companies do

You will find that some air freight companies are unduly skittish about the kinds of deals they will handle. The only consignments we don’t allow are those which are prohibited from transport by air (in which case we will assist you with arranging sea freight) or those which are illegal in nature.

We are confident in our ability to successfully complete import and export transactions, which is why we don’t refuse as many shipments as the average air freight services do.

Doing it yourself is a false economy

Obviously if you choose to do everything yourself, you’ll avoid the fees (however small they might be) associated with air freight brokers.

All it takes is one mistake on your part or perhaps a mistake by the other party to the transaction, and you could be facing huge delays with all the associated costs. It isn’t difficult at all to make those mistake, but it can be difficult to correct them.

That small fee you pay to your broker is more than justified by the savings your broker creates for you in so many ways… saving you money, saving you hassle, and saving you time.
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