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Australia’s 1st Digital Freight Forwarder

Our currency is certainty. If certainty is important to you, then you’re exactly in the right place.

We will get your cargo to the right place, at the right time, at the right price.

With our industry leading technology, you’ll know without a doubt what’s happening with your cargo, 24/7, in real-time. Our suite of applications help companies to trade smarter and more efficiently, freeing business to concentrate on the key decisions that matter most.

Expect to be rewarded with the best in-class service and innovative solutions. Our exceptional team delivers results; so you can bank on our people.

Award Winning Freight Forwarding Service

Whale Logistics is the proud winner of Excellence in Business and 2018 Business of the Year. Co-founder and MD Ryan Cummings started with a goal – to build an elite customer-driven team using technology in a meaningful way to give their clients the ultimate customer experience.

Discover the secrets to successful logistics management and the key to excellence

  • International Trade

    Learn to navigate the many pitfalls, hidden dangers, and complexities in international trade and maximize your profitability.

  • Supply Chain Management

    Foresight matters; explore our tested and proven methods to managing your domestic and international freight and drive industry-leading efficiency

  • Sales and Cash Flow

    Increase sales and strengthen your cash flows by improving the route to market and effective inventory planning.

  • Improve Profitability

    Respect earned through results; maximize your profitability.

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Digital freight forwarding and logistics

Certainty is non-negotiable. When you use our freight service, you’re guaranteed 24/7 visibility and real-time updates of your shipments and your supply chain.

Excellence is everything. Vision Supply Chain Technologies, Whale’s very own industry-leading logistics software eliminates manual tasks, automates your supply chain accelerates information visibility and delivering efficiencies that maximise your profitability.

Using our advanced predictive and prescriptive analytic capabilities, you can optimize future decisions, solving tomorrow’s problem today with a ‘smarter’ supply chain.

Vision Control Room simplifies supply chain complexity, tears down barriers to trade, by connecting your parties in the
supply chain.

A Personal and dedicated team

Certainty is non-negotiable; our international freight forwarding service takes care of the whole process for you, business to business/consumer, human to human and Door to Door.

From our onboarding process to our continuous improvement programs, our talented and dedicated team will help you swiftly navigate through the requirements of business trade. We’ll make sure you are happy with your solution, every step of the way.

From international laws compliance, maximizing duty returns, receiving goods and packaging and distributing – we can help you with everything.
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Discover How To Increase Efficiency And Get Maximum Value Out Of Your Logistics Operation (Valued at $1435) Without Asking For A Cent

How We Can Help You?

sea freight

Ocean freight is responsible for moving 90% of the world’s trade. Whale Logistics has offices in 8 out of 10 largest sea ports in the world. Our ocean freight solution guarantees you competitive rates, container space and equipment.

Air freight

Air freight is critical for time-sensitive shipments. When you want certainty and security, our air freight solution guarantees your shipment will arrive on time, every time.


Migrate to our pod and work with our experienced customs clearance team to navigate the complexity of international trade. Our customs brokers have a combined 70 years’ experience and will help you navigate the complexities of accurate and timely customs clearance.


Streamline your business and improve your customer experience with our eCommerce solutions. Whale Logistics helps your company grow by providing innovative warehousing and distribution centres for e-Commerce order fulfilment services.

distribution center

Streamline your business and improve your customer experience with the help of our warehousing and distribution centre solutions. Our distribution centres provide warehousing and order fulfilment solutions for eCommerce and omni-channel retailers. Our solutions give you and your clients certainty because time is of the essence.


Improve your sales by utilising our reduced parcel freight options from our global network of warehouses in Australia, China and the USA.

The Whale Logistics Guarantee

Migrate to our pod, to experience the Whale Logistics
distinction today. Certainty is non-negotiable.



Our freight forwarding service is the best solution for your business. Our currency is certainty, and you can bank on our people.



Transparency provides certainty; our Vision platform delivers 360 degrees real-time visibility and automation of your supply chain.



Excellence is everything. With 200 offices across the world, and our network of superior partners, expect to be rewarded.

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Fulfilment Warehouse in Sydney

Who would have thought that empty space could be such an asset? When you’re working in merchandising, it can actually be one of your biggest! You can’t sell what you don’t have in stock. So, what do you do when you have limited room for storage but you don’t want to expand into managing a warehouse?

You do the same thing everyone does when they need help: ask for it! At Whale Logistics, we’re ready to help you solve your space issues with reliable warehouse fulfilment in Sydney. We have the perfect solution for your business because we offer so much more than simple storage.

E-Commerce Relies on Storage and Inventory Management

You see, it’s not enough to have space to put all the inventory you haven’t yet sold. You also have to keep track of everything. You need to know what sells, when and to whom. This valuable data keeps you from making expensive mistakes, like ordering more of an item that didn’t sell the first time around.

It sounds like a silly mistake, but it’s completely possible if you don’t keep proper track of your inventory. This is only one example of some of the things you can avoid with improved inventory tracking. Your purchasing decisions need to be made from hard data. When you work with a warehouse recommended by Whale Logistics, you can be certain they’ll meet the same professional standard to which we hold ourselves. That means detailed tracking and totally transparent customer service.

Expert Inventory Tracking all the way to your Consumer

Our company works in logistics for the shipping trade, and that means we can help you move your product between warehouses, or from the wholesaler down to Australia. That’s not all we can do for you, however!

If your customers are located along the Auspost network, Whale Parcel Service can even deliver directly to the consumer from storage. Everything is monitored and our system instantly alerts us the moment a change is made to a shipment en route. We can handle every part of order fulfilment in Sydney and throughout Australia thanks to our partnership with Auspost!

Never Oversell Again

Careful monitoring can keep you from committing another major mistake in E Commerce and merchandising: overselling. Online customers can easily become frustrated when they go all the way through the process of buying a product only to be informed that it’s no longer available. Agitated customers stray over to the reviews section every now and then, and that’s really bad for online retail. Customer reviews are one of the first places a new customer will go to decide if your company deserves their trust. Don’t break it before they’ve even given you chance: rely on a professional company to manage warehousing and fulfilment!

Focus on Your Business, We’ll Handle The Rest!

There’s already a lot to manage in retail and online merchandising. You likely have even more to do if you have a physical storefront. You can trust Whale Logistics to provide a reliable order fulfilment service through our network of professionals. We work with a network of warehouses, freight carriers and agencies to look after your cargo on every part of its journey. All so you can get back to focusing on your business.

Contact us today and see what we can do to improve your fulfilment warehouse experience. We’re sure we can lower your costs directly or through increased efficiency, but you’ll have to talk with one of our customer service representatives to find out just how much!

We provide Warehousing and Logistics services including E-Commerce Fulfilment.
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