About Us


Whale Logistics is a young and passionate organisation dedicated to delivering an efficient and unrivalled service across the globe!

Founded in 2006, Whale Logistics has built an enviable reputation as the leading provider of innovative and cost- effective supply chain solutions throughout the Asia Pacific region.

We invest in our people and the latest technology to ensure we can offer a superior and efficient service. Our team is the vital link in our operation and we actively recruit the industry’s best and brightest to ensure we are able to deliver unrivalled expertise and service. We have the best people to guide their professional development to ensure they continually evolve and grow.

Part of the Dolphin group, Whale Logistics boasts offices throughout Asia, USA, New Zealand Australia. We have a network of Global Partners and are delighted to be able to offer our clients a complete world-wide solution.

Whale Logistics Why

To deliver outstanding services so that our customers have absolute certainty around their supply chain performance.

Whale Logistics Vision

We delight our customers worldwide every day in every way.

We do this by creating an enjoyable environment, developing our people as great leaders and inspiring them to make a positive difference in the world.

We innovate through technology to empower our people and customers to achieve amazing outcomes.

The Whale Values

  1. Excellence: Excellence is everything
  2. Integrity and Respect: Earned through results
  3. People: Bank on our people
  4. Teamwork: Accountability is non-negotiable
  5. Innovation: Aim for extraordinary
  6. Communication: Certainty is a superior solution

The Whale Distinction

Our map to success is what defines the Whale Distinction. Our success is delivered through:

  • Whale People
  • Whale Technology
  • Whale Global Network
  • Whale Values

Whale People

We recognise that our people are the most important element of our business – they differentiate us from our competitors. Their knowledge and expertise ensures our service is efficient, professional and reliable.

We are service providers, we do not own planes, vessels, trains and trucks our product is our people and we invest heavily in them and our culture so that our product is industry leading and turns our clients into raving fans.

Everything we do must have the customer at the forefront of our decisions, we are always asking ourselves “will this delight our customer”. Our team is always looking to innovate, improve and enhance the services we deliver. The Whale corporate culture is built on these principles and our people strive to deliver on this promise every day.

Whale Technology

Technology is key to improving productivity and customer experience, we only use or develop technology that adds value to our productivity or customer experience, our goal with any application is to boast productivity, empower our staff and enhance our customer experiences.

Our technology brand, Vision Technologies, provides the latest platform available in the market to help our clients streamline their orders, delivery, and reduce waste and cost. We aim to be pioneers in our technologies, and are already having agreements with leaders in the Robotic Process Automation space to enter the automation data area of supply chain management.

The Whale Global Network

Our Network is one the pillars of the Whale Distinction, our group has over 100 offices globally
throughout Asia, USA and Oceania and where we don’t have our own offices we have network of partners
that specialise in their respective countries.

Our Network

When you have cargo to move, you need a partner with an extensive global network that will negotiate the best prices and ensure your delivery arrives at its destination on time and with minimal fuss. The Whale Logistics network covers:

Hong Kong and China
South East Asia and North East Asia
Eastern Mediterranean, the Middle East, India and Pakistan, etc.
West Mediterranean, Europe, South Africa , New Zealand , Australia , Central and South America , etc.
USA and Canada

A personal and dedicated team

Certainty is non-negotiable; our international freight forwarding service takes care of the whole process for you, business to business/consumer, human to human and Door to Door.

From our onboarding process to our continuous improvement programs, our talented and dedicated team will help you swiftly navigate through the requirements of business trade. We’ll make sure you are happy  with your solution, every step of the way.

From international laws compliance, maximizing duty returns, receiving goods and packaging and distributing – we can help you with everything.
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