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Import and export procedures are the most challenging part of running any business that participates in foreign trade. In Australia, it is even more challenging than it would be in many other countries.

Australia’s border security is notoriously strict. Then there is all the complex jargon and codes that are used. Attempting to import or export goods without understanding the entire process can result in significant delays, and sometimes even the confiscation of your shipment.

Fortunately there is a way you can avoid most of the hassle and also get expert advice about whatever you need to know with regard to moving products between different countries.

You need an international freight forwarder

The very best thing you can do when you want to ship goods in or out of Australia is to engage the services of an international freight forwarder. Beware, however, that not every freight forwarder in Australia is going to provide an equal level of service.

Whale Logistics is your local expert in freight logistics, widely regarded as one of the best freight forwarding companies in Australia. When you want to be certain of your shipments arriving, you can’t make a better decision than to discuss your needs with Whale Logistics.

Why the freight logistics nightmare exists

It should be easy to move things from one country to another, but it really is not. There are many reasons for this, but the main two reasons are:

  1. The government wants to have control over what items are imported and exported, including the total number of imports and exports.
  2. The government wants to impose taxes wherever it legitimately can.

Australia is not the only country to suffer from these problems. In fact almost every country has very similar problems. What makes it especially difficult in Australia is that Australia has strong protectionist policies that are in addition to the strong quarantine laws and puritanical import control laws.

The bureaucracy involved is far more complex than you would typically find in most other countries. Importers need to fill in no less than six different documents. Exporters need to fill in seven documents. Processing all this paper work is also a slow and tedious process.

What do freight forwarding companies actually do?

International freight forwarding services exist in order to facilitate the process of importing and exporting goods. They operate as an intermediary between the client and the shipping company.

The actual services you can expect from a freight forwarder include:

  • Negotiating the best deals on shipping costs with the shipping companies
  • Completing most of the paperwork and helping to get goods cleared through customs smoothly
  • Arranging ancillary services such as insurance and temporary warehousing

All of these things can, of course, be done without a freight forwarding service, but they are so difficult to do that it’s always best to work with a freight forwarder.

Why you should choose Whale Logistics for freight forwarding

The expert shipping agents at Whale Logistics have a huge amount of experience dealing with shipments to and from everywhere in the world. We understand the laws of every country that we do trade with, and we perfectly understand the import and export laws of Australia.

We also have strong relationships with all the major shipping companies in Australia and many of the smaller shipping companies too. Based on the strength of these relationships, we can often work out deals that save you money on your shipping.

We can even anticipate the problems you could encounter with your shipping and provide advice and assistance to prevent those problems from arising.

Whale Logistics is a freight company with innovative & cost effective solutions. Whether it is air freight or ocean freight, you will have a shipping solution managed by professional customs brokers to ensure you have covered all of your obligations. Check out our freight forwarding guide to learn more about freight forwarding or contact us for more information.

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Track your cargo

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Cost effective

Whale Logistics has built an enviable reputation as the leading provider of innovative and cost-effective supply chain solutions throughout the region.

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