The Whale Global Network

Our Network is one the pillars of the Whale Distinction, our group has over 100 offices globally
throughout Asia, USA and Oceania and where we don’t have our own offices we have network of partners
that specialise in their respective countries.

Our Network

When you have cargo to move, you need a partner with an extensive global network that will negotiate the best prices and ensure your delivery arrives at its destination on time and with minimal fuss. The Whale Logistics network covers:

  • Hong Kong and China
  • South East Asia, North East Asia and North Korea
  • Eastern Mediterranean, the Middle East, India and Pakistan, etc.
  • West Mediterranean, Europe, South Africa , New Zealand , Australia , Central and South America , etc.
  • USA and Canada
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Sea Freight


Air Freight


Parcel Delivery


Customs Clearance


Warehouse & Distribution


Experience The Whale Distinction

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